Underground Water Leak Detection

A modern pipeline can last indefinitely without leaks if properly maintained. If a line is not properly maintained, corrosion may develop at construction joints, low points where moisture can collect or at weak points within the pipe itself. Pro Services provides accurate leak detection detect to locate and correct these defects before they develop into more severe problems.

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Our Leak Detection Method

Our leak detection method involves using innovative video camera technology to inspect underground lines, pinpoint the exact location of the problem, and determine its severity. By positioning the sewer line camera in the pipeline, we are able to video record the entire length of the sewer pipe from the house to the street. Our camera inspections allow us to check the condition of the following:

  • Inlet & Outlet Baffles

  • Drainage System

  • Backup Levels & Absorption Field

  • Conveyance Systems

  • Waste Lines

If after an inspection a leak is found, we can schedule an appointment to repair your water lines or sewer lines. We are licensed, bonded, insured, and state certified to provide Birmingham, AL, and surrounding areas the highest level of service available. If you suspect your pipes may have a leak, call Pro Services today at (205) 966-9463 to schedule an inspection.

Water Jetting

Part of properly maintaining pipelines is to make sure drain lines remain open and free flowing. Clogs cause backup in the sewer lines and damage to septic systems. Water jetting service prevents damage to drain lines, removes build-up, is safe for the environment, and provides long lasting results. If your sewer or septic lines are clogged, we offer high pressure water jetting services to safely and effectively clear out any blockages caused by grease build-up, dirt and sediment, or any other though clogs that cannot be cleared with a cable. Water jetting is also safer on drain lines than mechanical snaking.

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