Warm Up With Professional Heating Repair

No matter what heating system you own, it will need service from time to time. Sometimes, your heat goes completely out and sometimes you notice one or two things out of place. Whatever you are experiencing with your heating, we can help before you are stuck with no heat or poor quality heating.

Pro Services is the name the Birmingham area remembers when they need prompt, reliable heating repairs.

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Need Heating Repair? Here are the Signs You Might

You probably know that some of these aren’t normal or beneficial for your heating unit, but they can also be signs that something much worse is about to happen soon.

These are common signs that you need heating repairs and what they mean:

  • No Heat – The most obvious sign, having no heat, indicates that something went seriously wrong with your unit. Sometimes a simple repair to your system or thermostat is all you need, and other times, you might have to look into a heating replacement.

  • Unusual Noises From the Cabinet or Vents – Noises are easy to ignore. Most of the time, they are just a mild annoyance. But they can indicate that something is wrong with your heating unit. For example, a buzzing noise can be a sign of an electrical issue and a screeching noise can indicate that a belt is about to break.

  • Short Cycles – Yes, it is a bad sign if your heating unit is cycling sporadically. This also usually means it is consuming too much energy. Restricted airflow and overheating can cause short cycling.

  • Yellow Pilot Light – This is a safety concern, as a yellow pilot light indicates the flame is not receiving enough oxygen. This can be due to a range of potentially hazardous interferences.

Other signs include:

  • Thermostat Doesn’t Match Temperature

  • Climbing Energy Bill

  • Uneven Hot & Cold Spots

  • Bad Air Quality

Why Choose Pro Services For Your Heating Repair

We can work on any type of heating system and provide fast, reliable results. You can always be sure the job is done professionally as we are licensed, bonded, insured and well-known in the Birmingham area.

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