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There is a lot of expertise that goes into the replacement or first-time installation of a heating system. A lot of small details add up to your energy efficiency as well as the system’s performance and your overall satisfaction.

Our contractors at Pro Services are very experienced with everything related to HVAC installations, including duct, thermostat and electrical concerns. Let us pair you with the system that will serve you best with our expert services.

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Get What You Want From a New Heating System

There are a lot of quality options on the market, so you don’t have to settle for just anything. We can help you pick a balance of features in order to pair you with the system that suits your needs the most. These are two important considerations you will face during your decision:

  • System Type – Furnaces, heat pumps and packaged units are a few types of systems that our customers favor. A furnace is typically paired with an air conditioning unit, while heat pumps and packaged units bundle heat and AC.

  • AFUE Rating – This is the efficiency rating for heating systems. A medium-efficiency system has a rating somewhere in the low 80% ballpark. High-efficiency systems will typically be in the 90% range. Lower efficiencies are found on older units. Your current one may only be in the 60-70% range. A new installation is probably going to be more efficient than what you are used to whichever choice you make.

We can help you go over more considerations over the phone or in person.

Enjoy Better Heating From Birmingham’s Experts

Pro Services has professional qualifications. We are licensed, bonded, insured and carry years of experience with installing heating systems. But that isn’t all that we have. We are also committed to customer satisfaction. Whenever you call us, you can expect a friendly visit from our helpful team.

Discuss your heating preferences with us at (205) 966-9463, and get a new system that serves you the way you want it to.

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