Stay On Top of Reliable Cooling with Regular AC Maintenance Service

Regular air conditioning service helps your unit stay in top shape. You will be able to enjoy better cooling for longer and can avoid premature breakdowns. Plus, when you choose a reliable company for your maintenance, you will have a contractor on hand to check up on any concerns you have with any aspect of your cooling. With Pro Services, one call does it all, so we can attend to almost any home service you need.

Get your air conditioning maintenance squared away today, and you can relax with quality cooling all season long and beyond.

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Our AC Maintenance Tips

We’re here not only to provide air conditioning service but also to help you with your AC in any way that we can. These are a few tips to make sure your cooling system serves you well for many years to come:

  • Keep Your Outside Unit Clear – Too much growth around your outside unit can restrict airflow. Leaves, dirt, grass clippings and other yard debris can also get trapped inside. Just keep buildup around your unit in check.
  • Change Your Filter Regularly – You would be surprised at how many problems are caused by simply forgetting to change your air filter. Check your filter every 30 to 60 days to check for buildup.
  • Keep Your Maintenance Appointments – A professional air conditioning technician has a long checklist of maintenance tasks to complete. The checklist includes cleaning and tuning up every part of your AC, including the small but essential parts. It’s no trouble at all to get regular maintenance, but it has a huge payoff.

Benefits of Professional AC Maintenance

The benefits of hiring a professional AC contractor to complete a maintenance checklist on a regular basis include:

  • Improved AC Performance

  • Improved Quality of Cooling

  • Increased Energy Savings

  • Fewer Repair Issues

  • Lowered Risk of Breakdowns

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